Virtual Tour

What is interactive imaging?

Interactive imaging refers to a relatively new technoloy which enables the user to engage with a virtual reality environment. Virtual tours and interactive product viewers are examples of applications that benefit from this technology. In general, within a virtual tour application, instead of having a limited field of view, user has a virtual 360º x 180º field of view.

Furthermore a VT application, may include "hotspots" which by clicking on them, user will receive relevant information or will be redirected to a web link, a database, or another virtual tour. In the case of product viewers, user can continuosly view the product from various angles, examine its visual characteristics, or get relevant information about the product and its various parts. All of these will happen in real time.

It is obvious that such a technology has various applications in interior design, tourism, sales and marketing, automotive industries, and education. Now for the first time in the Middle East region, Haft Consultants has brought this new technolgy within its clients' reach.

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